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Coconut Grove Playhouse Charrette

In 2008, the CUCD was approachedby the Coconut Grove Playhouse Theater and the Miami Dade County Division of Cultural Affairs to develop a masterplan to guide the rehabilitation of the existing historic regional theater and the future development of the adjoining parcels under its ownership. Given the odd geometry of the site and the desire to explore possible partnerships with neighboring owners, three schemes were ultimately developed, under the leadership of faculty membersJorge Hernandezand Sonia Chao during a 3 ½ day charrette, each plan addressing the added complexity of pedestrian access, differing usesand the scales bordering the site. The designs accommodated commercial and educationaluses that would compliment the theater as well as underground parking. Three sliding degrees of preservation were proposed for the existing building, permitting the preservation of its main features and image whileintroducing back of the house functions needed for state-of-the-art theater and the addition of a new smaller theater.

Alturas de Manoguayabo

In 2008, the CUCD led a 7 day charrette, under the leadership of professors Gustavo Sanchez-Hugalde, Rafael Fornes and Sonia Chao to develop a masterplan for an infill site located in the small town of Manoguayabo in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The masterplan stitches two differing scales and types of neighborhoods by which the site is bound, making vehicular and pedestrian connections while providing for a seamless transition between the two sides. The Pedro Martinez Foundation has for several years donated schools and housing to the community. This larger scaled projectfor the Foundation covers an area of 6 hectares and would incorporate several civic buildings, including a secondary school, library, sports academy, stadium with market, cultural center, community church and clinic as well as different types of public spaces and housing types from more affordable to middle income options. The design also allows for possible future extensions of the project to its south. This pilot project of a sustainable town development is being analyzed by the federal government of the Dominican Republic as a possible model for the rebuilding of towns affected by recent hurricanes in 20 locations around the island.