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HABS (year unknown)The University of Miami Cafeteria Building, or otherwise known Photography Building was surveyed in the year 2007for the Historic American Building Survey. It has since been demolished. The university’s then president, Bowman Foster Ashe commissionedFlorida’s first licensed female architect, Marion Manley and Robert Law Weed to design a new masterplan for the university in 1943. The CafeteriaBuilding was one of almost 30 temporary wood buildings, only one of which remains today along Campo Sano. The building was intended to serve the increasing number of post-WorldWar Two enrolled students. It was an assemblage of 3 woven together wooden barrack-like, gabled structures. In 2007, a set of drawings were produced for the Historic American Building Survey. The set includes an elevation of the building from an angle for its title page, which was similar to the other surveys published and currently in the HABS database to date, such as the onefor the University of Miami Chemistry Building (then the Art Annex Building).

Link to Aerial Image of Cafeteria Building: