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Arcahaie Vocational SchoolIn Archaie, Haiti, long distances to the closest Universities make advanced education unattainable for most. Those who can pursue higher education often leave Arachaiepermanently in pursuit of better opportunities elsewhere. The limited access to vocational and university education starves the region of growth. Youth Build, a non-profit organization that provides education, job skills and counseling to at risk youth partnered with the University of Miami’s Center for Urban and Community Design with goals to build a new vocational school in Luly, a centrally located town in the Archaie region. The design of the building focuses on an open aired outdoor space. The courtyard has dimensions of approximately 85 feet by 85 feet. Surrounding the space are groupings of gable-ended structures. The gable end is perhaps the most primitive and memorable building form. Ask anyone to draw their image of a school house and regardless of age, ethnicity, or education, most probably he/she will draw a square with a pointed roof. When designing civic buildings, we believe that the form of the building should provide an idea of its purpose. Here this ubiquitous form is repeatedfor each classroom -each with its own unique subject taught within. Collaborators: Steven Fett, Tyler Nussbaum, Ana Luiza Leite, Jess Tsiris, Rhys Gilbertson and Katherine Flores.